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"I own an auto repair business so I must make sure that both bays, which use garage doors, are working right. We have to open and close those doors regularly, sometimes several times a day. Thanks to Watauga Garage Door Repair, I know that my doors are working as good as possible. If there is ever a problem, I know I can call them out to get the problem fixed affordably and quickly. Thanks to them, I know that my garage doors won't have a major negative impact on my business. I know the team to call to help make sure my doors are working right." Cooper D., Watauga, TX

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"I would highly recommend Watauga Garage Door Repair for all of your garage door needs.

We own a storage facility that literally has 40 garage doors. We count on Watauga Garage Door Repair for routine maintenance and tune ups. Through their thorough inspections, they work to catch problems before they completely develop. If we do have a garage door problem, we know that they will get out here quickly and fix the problem the same day. This is definitely the team that I trust with all of my garage door issues. I appreciate their hard work and honesty, which is something hard to find in today's fast paced world." John A., Watauga, TX

"We were having some problems with our garage door opener. I had tried to fix it myself, but I still couldn't get it right. Upon the suggestion of a friend, I finally made the call to Watauga Garage Door Repair. The technician was friendly and very professional. He explained the situation in detail, showed me the damaged part and quoted a detailed price so I would know what to expect. I was happy with the workmanship, service and affordability. I know who we will call for our garage door needs from this point on!" Steve C., Watauga, TX

"I backed my truck into the garage door on evening.

The damage was severe enough to keep the door from opening and closing. I made the call to Watauaga Garage Door Repair, and they quickly came out and assessed the situation. The technician told me what needed to be done to fix the damage, how much it would cost and how long it would take. To my amazement, he was right about everything - the price was accurate and he was finished faster than I expected. They definitely won me over! If you need garage door repairs, call on this team. They know what they are doing." Caleb E., Watauga, TX

"A terrible storm with damaging winds wreaked havoc on our garage door. We had an aluminum garage door that was sturdy, but it couldn't handle such bad weather with severe winds. The technician arrived quickly and told us the options. We decided to have a new garage door installed, this time one with steel reinforcements that could handle such weather events. Thanks to the technician, we chose the right door that will serve us well for years to come. We were happy with the service and the pricing. Watauga Garage Door Repair is definitely a team that you can trust!" Edward G., Watauga, TX

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